The (un)Intelligent Design 'Word Salad' Generator

Are you a creationist troll who's trying to argue agaisnt evolution, but you're having trouble because you don't know anything about science? Now you can type a lot, without really saying anything at all! This page generates some random rambling rhetoric, with the look of a real "pro":

Dickie Kepslocker says:

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How to "win" an argument, RK style:

  1. Post a claim that conflicts with currently known science, or claim that some existing science is wrong
  2. Reply to any counter-arguments with rhetoric

  3. When asked to clarify or answer questions, reply with just rhetoric and change the subject. More specifically, utilize one or more the following:
    • a) playing the victim card ("You're a big meanie!")
    • b) 'tu quoque' fallacies
    • c) puns that don't really make much sense, and/or
    • d) some sort of red herring such as a "he said / she said" game, grammar debates, the effectiveness of Google, theology, etc.
  4. Keep repeating #1-3 (especially #3) until your opponents realize that it's impossible to discuss science with you since it's like talking to a wall, and leave out of frustration. Then declare victory!

How to "win" an argument, Christopher Haynes / AndTheHorse / D.Yarnell style:

  1. Keep repeating step #1 as described above.

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